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Become a Model – The 2021 Ultimate Guide

If your objective is to become a model, there are many routes and options to get started. Finding a path in entertainment is hard however with the right guidance and direction, it can make it a lot easier. There are quite a few articles and guides on how to start modeling however many are outdated and lack insight from people who have actually modeled before or work in the entertainment community. This is the ultimate guide on how to start modeling in any market as a beginner.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch – Models come in All Shapes and Size

What is Modeling? It’s more than a pretty face.

Modeling is more than a pretty face. It’s to simulate a consumer who represents the brand. To put it simply, a company hires a model to advertise their product or service. Advertising comes in many forms. When people think of modeling, many assume that you have to be very tall and very thin. While that is the norm for editorial models, who frequently work on runway shows and high end fashion lines, many models are actually commercial talent. Commercial talent is everything except editorial modeling and that represents over 90% of the models you see on TV and print today. There is a huge push for alternative models, which is a model with a unique look or feature.

There is a huge push for real people casting, as well as alternative looks.

Models come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds which we fully support. Watch the Latitude Talent Webinar on the Rise of Alternative Looks in the modeling industry.

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3 Tips To Land a Modeling Agent

If you’re looking to become a model, or take your current modeling career onto the next level, landing a modeling agency is a very important piece to complete the puzzle. If you’re just starting out as a beginner model, there are many alternative routes you can take to get started without the help of an agency. However, if you’re looking to start landing major campaigns, a modeling agency contract is the ultimate objective for some to reach that goal. These 3 tips can help you land a modeling agent.

Start Networking

Networking is very important in the entertainment industry. If you ask any established model or actor, they will tell you attending network events, workshops, and seminars takes up most of their time. It is very important as a beginner to network with not only other models, but also with local players in your market. If you aren’t located in a major market like New York, Miami or Los Angeles, it is best to seek out events in the next Major market. An example would be if you live on the outskirts of Massachusetts, you’d want to find a modeling agency that’s located in Boston. You can find workshops and networking events on sites like EventBright and MeetUp, which allows others with similar interest and hobbies to connect with one another. Many beginner models are unsure how to connect with agencies besides just submitting their pictures on the website. Attending model boot camps as well as virtual online auditions can also provide exposure and networking.

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Become a Model – 3 Tips to Get Signed

If your goal is to become a model, then getting signed by a modeling agency is a major step in the right direction. Becoming a fashion model, requires patience, dedication, along access to the right resources.

With the rise of alternative modeling agencies, from male, female and non-binary talent, to plus-sized, commercial and print models of all looks and backgrounds have a real shot at getting started. These 3 industry tips can help you to get signed to a modeling agent and get scouted as a model.

Tip 1: Know Your Look

To get started as a model you have to be realistic in understanding where you would place as a talent. Many new talent start off by submitting their photographs to every agency they find online. While this can help provide you exposure, it is first important only apply to agencies that work with your specific look. It is best to search for a talent agency website to see what kind of models they featured and understand if you have a chance of actually getting signed on their talent roster. Many modeling agencies in smaller markets host open casting calls, some even virtual. Go online to find open casting calls and auditions on the official agency websites.

Tip 2: Build a portfolio

While some modeling agencies encourage talent to submit digital pictures, also referred to as Polaroids back in the 1990s, they will eventually ask for a modeling portfolio. Many top modeling agencies, especially New York model management companies, will require a portfolio to see how you photograph. Larger agencies typically will not invest in your portfolio if you are trying to become a model, however smaller agencies might help you build up your portfolio and smaller markets. Mother agents are usually found in smaller, rural areas and they have connections to larger market agencies in areas like Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami Florida.

When you are seeking out a photographer to start a portfolio it is important to make sure you research the photographer first to ensure that their experience and background working with models will actually provide you a beneficial portfolio. It is also very important to make sure that you are not spending thousands of dollars on materials that you do not need. It is better for a model to do multiple photo shoots and even smaller test shoots, then to do one big one at one time. So if you’re investing money in a portfolio, as every model should expect to do, it is better to do smaller shoots throughout the year to showcase a variety of looks in your book. Modeling Studios that focus on photography can also be helpful however do your research to ensure you are only working with the best team. Listen to model podcasts and watch vlogs on how to get started as a model.

Many new models are under the impression that to get signed to an agency, the modeling company will pay for all of their start up expenses. This is completely wrong. Any new model should always expect to cover their own start up costs as most agencies do not cover that anymore.

Tip 3: Get Access To Casting Calls

One of the most difficult things that any model or even any actor will find when getting started in the industry is finding casting calls, also referred to as auditions. It is very important to make sure that you research any casting call or opportunity that you apply to. Not every opportunity is the same. There are many websites that offer access to free casting calls and there are paid services and breakdown companies that you can subscribe to. Yes, many can be costly so it’s best to only apply to casting calls once you have the right marketing materials and are confident in actually auditioning. It is best to research modeling agencies and go on their modeling Instagram page to see what they are all about and if they are legit.

Are Modeling Schools Good For New Models?

Some models want to go to modeling school, or wonder if it is worth it starting out. Many modeling schools only teach runway coaching and unless you are over 5 9 as a female model, or over 6 1 as a male model, training might not be the best use of your time. Attending Model Boot Camps can help you get access to real information as a starting model.

When you are thinking about applying to opportunities or agencies it’s best to remember to pinpoint the exact submissions to the right opportunities.

At Latitude, our company was designed to assist models and actors in attaining their personal goals; whether that goal is to simply build or start a portfolio, or to obtain exposure in a major market. We are not any agency, so the personalized service we provide to talent of all backgrounds allows access to the tools necessary to be successful, while being offered the personal attention to overall growth in the entertainment community. We are realistic with beginners and it is important to understand there is no magic potion to get started or any guarantees. With the right marketing tools like photography, along with access to opportunities, it can make getting started easier as a beginner.

Any model needs to make sure that they get professional help when getting started. Latitude Talent Studios is a talent service for models and actors and can help you get started. To become a model visit