3 Tips to Land a Model Agency in New Jersey

Get Scouted In New Jersey with These 3 Tips

If you’re located in New Jersey, traveling to find an agency in New York City shouldn’t be that hard as a new model. However if you’re further south, it might be a bit difficult to travel the distance. Here are 3 tips to get an agency in a market like New Jersey.

1. Look up the agents online

A quick Google search for modeling agencies near me should give you a variety of options in New Jersey. While there isn’t as many modeling agencies like there would be in New York City, there are a handful of places to start. Submit clear an accurate photos of yourself. Typically 1-5 photos are all that you need on websites.

2. Get Pictures

A portfolio for a model is like a résumé. It is a requirement at any stage in your career. Getting a modeling portfolio does not have to be expensive and you should avoid photography studios that only sell overpriced pictures. Remember, if a photo studio is requiring a deposit over the phone it may not be the best fit for you.

3. Find your niche

You have to do an honest assessment of yourself to figure out what type of model you are. If you are shorter you would be considered a petite or commercial model, if you are very athletic you may be considered a fitness model. Once you find your niche and market you can then reach out to the modeling agencies that work with your specific look.

What are the most important steps of becoming a model is finding casting calls online. There are a variety of websites that you can look into however highly rated platforms such as Latitude Talent Studios are a great option to start. Apply here.

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