Meet Zoie from Latitude

“I wanted to reach out to you, to thank you for everything. I was able to find myself this past summer, all because of you guys. You really helped me build my portfolio, with modeling and acting. I really appreciate it! I want to thank you for all the projects, you helped me get into with my comp card. I enjoyed every single project i did from you guys. I’m still continuing to apply everyday on your website, and hopefully get into more projects as well. I enjoyed my photoshoot with you guys. I love my pictures so much! I hope to continue more with you!” – Zoie P.

This is one of the many success stories we receive from our talent. It is exactly the reason why we started Latitude. Want to learn more about our brand? Visit here: https:/www.latitudetalent.com

3 Best Modeling Agencies in Pennsylvania

If your goal is to become a model in Pennsylvania, there are a variety of options to seek out. Many beginners find it difficult to land an agent or get scouted when they are first starting. It is important to only work with agents and managers who represent your look and background. This will save you time if you want to start modeling now. In a smaller market like Pennsylvania, your best bet is to go to the closest major city which is happens to be Philadelphia. Another major market to try your hand in is New York. If traveling is hard for you, here are the 3 Top Modeling Agencies and Services to look into locally.

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