What to look for in a Modeling Agent

If you’re out there looking for a modeling agent or agency to help start your career, there are a few things to look out for. While many new models think that applying to agencies is their only resource, this is wrong. If you are one of the lucky ones  to get an interview with a modeling agency it’s important to make sure that the company offers what you are seeking. Each and every model agents are different. Here are a few things to look out for.

1. The Models They Work With

Every modeling agency works with a certain type of look. Editorial agencies such as Wilhelmina, Ford Models and NEXT models typically work with the standard model stereotype. That is being very tall, a smaller build, and usually under the age of 25. While rosters across the board have opened up to more commercial models, seeking an agency that works with your luck is very important.

2. Marketing Materials They Use

If an agency is willing to sign you without ever meeting you, or they are willing to put you on their roster with pictures that you did on your own or taken of yourself, that usually means the agency is going to put little effort in submitting you out. Major agencies that have a history of booking will require their models to go on a professional photo shoot. Either one that they pay for (which is rare) r one that they make the models pay for. A legitimate agency will only send models out with the correct materials.

While any model can get those materials and use them at an agency, many agencies like to use their own photographers. There is nothing wrong with that.

3. How they Mentor You

Depending upon where you are at in your career, many modeling agencies will already expect the model they take on to have some experience. Mother agents or model management companies specifically focus on developing a models career and preparing them for signing with an agency. If you are a beginner that needs a little bit more guidance seeking a smaller or boutique agency is recommended.

There are services and platforms, such as Latitude Talent which works with models and actors of all experience levels. Learn more here.

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