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What is a Boutique Talent Agency?

Are you a model or actor wondering what a boutique talent agency means or stands for? A boutique talent agency is a small company that offers highly specialized services or products to their clientele. Boutique firms offers personalized guidance and support and can provide a great outlet for new models are actors looking for help in developing, building, or starting their brand. The benefits of working with the boutique company are endless.

When most new talent, especially models, look to start their career, their first thought is to contact all the major modeling agencies in New York City. While this can be very helpful, major agencies have very strict requirements on the talent that they work with leaving out many actors and models without the chance for representation.

Latitude Talent is a boutique talent marketing service that helps models and actors of all experience levels develop the tools and marketing they  need to find success.


Fitness Modeling in NYC

Modeling in a major market such as New York City, which is perhaps the most difficult market to get started in, is very competitive. New models each year come to test their luck in the industry – many whom are successful in smaller markets, to see what types of agencies they can find as well as high paying assignments. For many editorial models, the pay scale is minimal at best, while astronomically high if you land a major campaign.

Fitness Modeling is a type of commercial modeling that is unique in the recent years. New York has seen many new modeling agencies such as Silver Models cater to those with a bigger built and a defined athletic look. To get started as a fitness model in New York City, you have to be sure that not only is your look that of a model, but your build is what the specific agency of client is looking for.

The only way to become a successful model in New York is to get access to the casting calls. While that is half the battle, the other is making sure to attend and audition for each role you find. It is impossible for any model or actor to know if a role is for them without auditioning.

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