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Inside Latitude: Meet Karen

Meet Karen, a talent with Latitude Talent Studios New York Office. Karen was recently requested for a Network Documentary Recreation Scene by Salome Oggenfuss and McDonald’s Commercial Casting Call self tape audition from Latitude.

Your hometown?

Brooklyn, New York

What are your hobbies?

I like to go to the gym to release any stress or since gyms are closed right now, I just like to free draw anything that pops up in mind. 

When did you learn you wanted to get started in the modeling and acting field?

I learned that I wanted to get started in the modeling field after I graduated college, I started becoming more involved in my own style and posting on my IG any outfits I wore and put together. 

How has Latitude helped you?

Latitude has helped me jump start my confidence and believing in me while giving me the opportunity to have a photoshoot and apply to any projects presented.

Would you recommend Latitude to anyone looking to get started?

I would totally recommend Latitude to anyone looking to get started because the people working there are very kind and patient and take the time to explain everything to you.


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How Latitude Helps Actors

Becoming a successful actor is an ambition for many; however most do not get a chance to try their luck in an industry that they can’t gain access too.

One of the most difficult parts about becoming a actor is breaking into the industry and getting access to the information they need to get on the path to success.

At Latitude Talent Studios, we make gaining that access easier than ever. We boast a worldwide database of top modeling agencies, managers and casting professionals and our dedicated marketing works to ensure each client is promoted to any industry professional that may be interested in representing them. We also receive daily castings looking to fill specific opportunities with their respective clients.

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At Latitude, our talent are number one. Period.

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