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How Latitude Helps Models

Would you love to get into modeling or acting but you don’t know how or where to start?

Latitude Talent Studios is an entry for models and actors of all experience levels looking to break into the industry.

As a talent marketing company, we offer a number of advantages to hopeful models and actors trying to find their way into the entertainment community.

Since we are not a talent agency, the models and actors who join our team can gain the competitive edge on breaking into the industry by having the advantage of receiving immediate access to several industry professionals contacts and resources.

At Latitude, our talent are number one. Period.

Get your start in modeling and acting today and click here to join Latitude.

Ned, plus 3 Latitude Talent Requested for Genentech Audition

Meet Ned, a Talent with Latitude who was just requested, along with 3 other talent to “Genentech” Audition via Self-Tape. Congrats!

“What inspired me to join Latitude was the diverse group of people that they bring in.” INSIDE Latitude with Elena

INSIDE Latitude with New York Model Elena B.

How long have you wanted to Become a Model?

“I have loved being photographed and getting dressed up for as long as I can remember. As I have gotten older modeling and fashion became something I am passionate about. “

Elena with Latitude Talent Studios

How did you hear about Latitude?

“I heard about Latitude while I was looking into different companies and they ended up sticking out to me so I thought I would try and get noticed.”

What advice would you give to a new model or actor?

“Some advice that I would give to a new model or actor is to be confident in yourself. I would also just recommend to do research about companies you work with and make sure to communicate if you have any questions.”

What opportunities have you receive from Latitude?

“I have booked a few things from Latitude. Being a student, it can be a bit more challenging to be available for every response that I receive but I have gotten a lot of responses that I did not originally think I would. I recently worked with shootnow11:11 on Instagram. They photographed me in Manhattan for a Jewelry collaboration that they were doing. I have gotten responses from L’Oreal, Fashion Week, music videos. There are so many options that allow all kinds of people to succeed!”

What inspired you to join Latitude?

“What inspired me to join Latitude was the diverse group of people that they bring in. They want all different looks and that is something I wanted to be apart of.”

Would you recommend Latitude to others?

“I would definitely recommend Latitude to someone and I have. I know so many people that would thrive with Latitude.”

Check out Latitude Talent Elena in her most recent Latitude Talent Test Shoot. Learn more about Latitude Talent Studios by visiting or following us on Instagram

Red Models Merges with Marilyn Agency

Red Model Management, a top boutique modeling agency in New York City has merged with the Marilyn Agency, a major modeling agency in New York and Paris.

With 2020 came a lot of changes in the modeling world. While bookings for editorial is down, due to clothing supply changes, commerical books are at a major high, with commerical print models leading the way for advertisers tastes.

If you are interested in starting out as a model, view this video on how to become a model in 2020