Spotting Bad Casting Calls

Bad Castings are Hard to Spot. Here are Some Tips

Rule of Thumb: No casting client will ever compensate you before a doing an actual booking.

Also, there is never a “model coach” on set of any types of projects. If it’s too good to be true, it is! Here are some examples below.

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See an example of a fake casting #1″:

From: Benjamin Williams <>

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming shoot notice. It would be an honor to work with you. We are currently working on creating a dating app(LOVESEARCHER) which will be launched hopefully by the end of December. Models/actors are required to assume the role of an app user and be photographed in a natural environment, such as a coffee shop, restaurant, library, at home etc. Event dates notice: you are to check your availability and choose the best date feasible for you between 15th and 27th of November, 2021. Please note that any day you pick cannot be changed later on except the changes are made a week before the shoot. Location/Venue of event: We will make arrangements for suitable locations within your city for the event, you will receive the location’s details and driving direction as soon as the locations are confirmed.

Compensation: (SOME CRAZY PRICE THEY TELL YOU) for the complete usage right for 3 months. We(LOVESEARCHER) are entitled to use the produced shoot on our website and app for the period of 3 months only and this will be backed up by a contract.

Bonus: free lunch, models will receive copies of photo shoots via Dropbox or on a 2gb memory stick and all clothes, shoes and other accessories you will be wearing for the shoot will be yours after the shoot. Time of Event: 10:00 A.M – 3:00 P.M Nudity: No No level of experience is required (Free Model Coach available upon request).

Models/actors may attend the shoot with their choice of escort (maximum of two) and should not arrive location later than 9:30 commence make-ups and attend a brief introductory class about the proposed project and shoot starts by 10:15 a.m. This shoot is going to be fun as different acting characters maybe involved, which is the real sense of this project. Take the courage to participate in this paid and legitimate offer as we look forward to working with you. Final Note: we recommend that you read the content above over again for proper understanding and do not hesitate to ask questions. Below are the required payment and sign-up details you are to forward to us for filling and to mail you the aforementioned paycheck for your upfront and Wardrobe bills: Name to be written on check/Your Legal name: Residence address:(Not Po. Box) Apartment number if any: City/state/zip code: Direct mobile phone number: Your available date: Your escort name if any: Your current occupation: Age:

Fake Casting Example #2

From: Benjamin Williams <>

Subject: Dating App Photoshoot

How’s your day going ……I have been instructed by the account officer to inform you that for some reasons(Logistics issues etc), We’ve decided that a picture of the payment check for your upfront/booking fee() and extra funds for your wardrobe will be sent to your email today. You are to follow all instructions as detailed below immediately you receive the payment check in your email today.

* Have the payment check printed out on a white paper

* cut out the edges of the front and back of the payment check.

* Endorse the back of the check with your signature and write “For deposit only.

* Deposit the payment check through your bank app on your mobile phone(Mobile deposit) and have the receipt/evidence of deposit sent to our email so that we can instruct the issuing bank to release funds immediately to execute its purpose.

It is important that you have the check deposited as soon as you receive it so as to ensure the funds are made available under 24hrs to execute its purpose because we have very limited time before the shoot for the delivery of your wardrobe. All contracts/paper works are backed up by power of attorney and it is important you follow up my instructions strictly.

When the funds are available I will send you further instructions on how to send the funds meant for your wardrobe to the fashion stylist without delay. Please send me a reply note confirming that you receive this email and understand the content of it. I will be waiting to read from you

Thank you for the patience and understanding

Fake Casting Example #3


We got your personal information as required by the company and it will be profiled and updated so you are welcome aboard to BRAND NAME Photography, We urge you to be patient as we reveal to you every document containing the contract and some other vital documents. Your part-payment check will come first so as to prompt model/actor’s hard work and commitment to this project, this will be delivered via a courier service to your provided home or office address so be aware as we keep you updated daily and make sure you crosscheck the address you provided us with from your last email and confirm if it is correct. Your clothing/wardrobe will be shipped to you by a fashion stylist after we pass all requests for your wardrobe to them. Your measurement and payment for your wardrobe shall be forwarded to the stylist after you must have received payment from us, reason being that the payment has to be made or billed to your name to ensure a tallied customization and print/label on your wardrobe as the requested terms by the designer.

Attached to this email is a simple contract agreement i will need you to endorse by printing it out, reading and signing on it with your signatures, then email me back with a scan copy for records or a Photo pic of the signed contract letter using your phone camera, then have it emailed to us from your phone. It is of high importance you get back to us with the contract form attached to this email under the next 24hr clock.

P.S : It’s of best interest that you get back to us under the next 24hour clock in order to facilitate the whole process. Thank you for your anticipation.

Other Tips to Watch Out For:

  • Avoid any castings or emails that require depositing checks money orders, or wire transfers
  • Being “Prepaid For Clothes”
  • Asking for personal information via Whats App or other Apps
  • Never accept advanced payments, “trusting you with the funds” and paying a representative back a portion of the money received.
  • Taking Pictures of Checks Through Text
  • Signing Fake Checks

Famous Photographer Red Flag

Here is a great example that shows you how to avoid the fake fashion photographer email.


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