Best Advice for a New York Model or Actor

Becoming famous and being seen on the big screen is a dream for most people. Not having to work a typical 9-to-5 job, traveling the world and and filming in exotic locations seems so easy.

Every year, thousands of experienced models and actors try their hand

Latitude Talent Model

Latitude Talent Female Model and Actress Erica

in New York in hopes to getting signed by a top modeling agency or talent manager. The harsh reality is that major agencies have extremely specific criteria in which they sign. For actors, having a talent manager is the ultimate objective.

The best piece of advice that any talent looking to get started in this business should take is to be realistic in their goals. If your ultimate goal is to just become famous, the industry may not be for you.

If your goal is to meet people network and build your craft then you should consider giving modeling or acting a try.

Getting signed by a top agency or talent manager is almost impossible for new talent that do not have the correct materials to get started. You cannot expect many personal managers to sign a brand-new actor who does not have a resume, or for a modeling agency or manager to sign a talent that has never done a photo shoot.

Latitude Talent was created to help models and actors of all experience levels game the opportunities along with the resources to make their mark and entertainment.

If you have the passion and are ready to take the first step, apply now online.

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What is a Comp Card?

Composite cards aka “comp cards” are standard tools for any model, whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional. It is a composite of usually 3 to 5 different images and often showcases different looks to show off a model’s versatility. It serves as a kind of business card for models.

Back in the 1980’s, an agency would typically promote a client with a printed comp card by mailing it. Now, agencies and casting professionals typically only accept digital comp card submissions.

What is a tear sheet?
A tear sheet is an actual page torn from a magazine or other publication that showcases the model. You should use your tear sheets to build your portfolio. You are also encouraged to provide any tear sheets you accumulate to our office so that we can keep track of our clients’ successes.

Latitude Talent Studios leads the way in talent marketing. We boast a worldwide database of over 200 modeling agencies, managers and casting professionals. Our dedicated marketing works to ensure each client is promoted to any industry professional that may be interested in representing him or her. We also receive daily castings looking to fill specific opportunities with their respective clients.

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