Is Latitude Talent an Agency?

First off, no, Latitude isn’t an agency. We are better.

modeling agency
What is an Agency?

A modeling agency is a company that represents fashion models and helps them find work in the modeling industry. Modeling agencies typically serve as a liaison between models and clients, such as fashion designers, photographers, advertising agencies, and other companies that require models for their promotional campaigns, photo shoots, or fashion shows.

Modeling agencies don’t sign unknown or aspiring models without experience, why would they invest their time in developing a model when they can just get one that has experience?

Modeling agencies typically have a team of agents or bookers who work with clients to find suitable models for their projects, negotiate contracts and fees, and manage the models’ schedules and careers. The agency may also provide various services to their models, such as coaching, grooming, and training to help them develop their skills and enhance their marketability.

For models, signing with a reputable modeling agency can be a valuable opportunity to gain exposure, build their portfolio, and access a wider range of modeling opportunities. The agency can help them navigate the competitive modeling industry, provide professional guidance, and connect them with potential clients.

Overall, modeling agencies play an important role in the fashion industry by helping to connect models with clients and creating opportunities for models to achieve success in their careers.

Modeling agencies are very hard to get signed with. Latitude Talent Studios is NOT an agency, we are a casting platform that provides access to real casting calls nationwide.

Talents find success using our platform to get started as a model or actor in any market. Visit to learn more!

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