Cassandra Landed Audition First Day

New York talent Cassandra Brown joined Latitude on April 27 and the same day as receiving her login information, submitted and was REQUESTED to attend an audition for “Fashion Avenue News Model Casting Call” on April 29 in New York City.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, Latitude is an excellent way to start out as a model or actor and see if it works for you. Applying to castings weekly on the platform is essential for exposure. Read more reviews on Latitude Talent and how we work for models and actors. Don’t want to spend the time on applying to castings? We are not for you!

How does Latitude work? As a platform for models and actors, we connect talent to castings calls nationwide in fields such as print, film, TV and more. Casting professionals also use our platform to connect to talent of all backgrounds for their projects, commission free.

Is Latitude a photo studio? No, we are not a photography studio. While pictures are important, we supply those materials for free (twice a year) for our members who are invited to join us. Often times we see talent come in after spending thousands on useless photographs which agencies ignore as they typically like their models to use their own recommended photographers.

Ready to get started and become a model in New York? Latitude is the best and most affordable way to get started.

At Latitude, talent are number one. Period.

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