What Are The Benefits of Working with Latitude?

As an aspiring model or actor, you may be overwhelmed on how to get started. Here are some of the benefits Latitude provides talent.

In every major city, there are seemingly dozens of modeling agencies that frequently scout models. As a beginner, it seems logical that to become a model all you have to do is apply to an agency and get a callback. And it really is that simple, if you have exactly the experience and the look an agent is looking for. But what if you’re a beginner or have a unique look? That is where it gets a little bit difficult to get started.

Latitude, an online platform for models and actors, provides a streamlined way to get matched to public casting calls that are traditionally very hard to find or time-consuming to find online. Here are three benefits to using our service.

1. No Commission

Since Latitude is not a modeling agency, employer or talent scout, we do not collect any type of commissions from models or actors that find opportunities. While our platform will automatically match a model or actor to a casting they fit, it is then up to them talent themselves to apply to that project in their own free time.

The modeling and acting industry, just like any other industry: is very difficult to break into. Latitude does not and cannot promise that you will have success, only allow you to apply to opportunities that you can find online. Since we do not work as a agency, manager or style, we do not submit you to any types of castings. We do however often get contacted by companies who request models and actors for their projects (private castings) and those are then posted and matched to the user.

2. Resources

Our online platform not only connects models and actors to casting calls, but allows them to reach over 300 nationwide and worldwide modeling agencies in all major markets. It is one of the largest all-in-one databases available for models online. We also make ourselves available to assist with any questions a client may have and send member-only content to our talent.

3. Affordable

The services provided by Latitude are some of the lowest cost in the industry.

If you think you are ready to start your journey as a model or actor, Latitude is a wonderful place to start. While no one can promise success, we do work hard to provide an easy to use service to test the waters in a new journey. Learn more about us by visiting our official website here.

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