9 Latitude Talent Actors Requested for Major Music Video Casting

9 Latitude Talent Actors were requested for a “Major Music Video” Casting Call filming in New York City on November 11. Pay Rate of $200 plus 20% for booked talent.

Congrats guys!

Latitude Talent Studios Model and Actress Marissa

Does an Actor really need an Agent?

Starting in a unique field like preforming arts, it can be difficult to know what information is accurate and how to get started in such a competitive field.

Like Models, there is much out dated advice that is on the internet. Many actors think that the only way to become a success is to land a talent agency.

Regardless of your look, a talent agency doesn’t sign an actor because they are charming or even because they are a superb entertainer; an actor gets signed to a talent agency because the agent knows they will make money off of the actor from bookings. For an agency to take 10-20% commission, you have to have a success rate of bookings!

Unless you are a published actor, don’t expect to get signed right away to these major agencies. Landing acting auditions is the first thing an agent will want to see on your resume so focus on castings rather then representation! 

Finding auditions, especially in New York City, can be done without the help of an agency however, it is not easy to find castings that are open to new models or actors.

Latitude Talent helps connect Models and actors with the tools, resources and casting opportunities to help talent, regardless of their experience level, by getting exposure on the same platforms used by major agencies and casting professionals. Our talent have successfully booked projects and been connected to casting from HBO, VH1 Networks and many more.

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FAQ for New Talent

At Latitude, we love working with models and actors. Many perspective talent reach out with common questions seen below.

At Latitude, our talent are number one.

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Is Latitude a talent agency?

No, Latitude Talent Studios is not an agency! We work with models and actors of all experience levels by connecting talent with the tools, marketing and development to help start or advance a career in entertainment. While we connect talent to castings opportunities like a typical agency, we do not collect a commission from booked work, allowing talent to pick and choose castings they wish to attend.

Does Latitude guarantee that I will book castings?
There is no guarantee in any industry. While Latitude does have the resources to connect talent to opportunities, it is ultimately up to the casting client on who they choose to move forward with. It is also up to the talent to ensure they put forth the work needed to create their own success.

Do I have to pay to become a model or actor?
Talent should always expect to invest in their own marketing. No talent agency covers standard marketing including heads shots, comp cards or a portfolio. Read this great article about the realities of modeling –

How do you I become a Latitude Talent?
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