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Starting out as a model or actor in New York is hard work. While many try to short-cut the process, there is no easy way to get started without the advice and guidance from an industry professional.

A great option for models or actors is to find free open calls in New York. While this may seem easy, finding legitimate casting calls in NYC is a time consuming and long process.

There are many casting websites online that allow talent to find and direct submit to casting opportunities in their market. While they do cost money to register, talent should always do their research before applying to open calls or auditions posted online.

Why do all the hard work yourself?

Getting signed to a modeling agency in New York is the end goal from most models. Did you know less than 5% of models actually get signed to a modeling agency?

Modeling agents, especially in a large market such as NYC or Los Angeles will not invest in new models or actors unless they invest in themselves. You need great headshots and a positive attitude just to get into the door to be interviewed! Why would anyone work solely on a commission if you have not proven to them that you can become successful on your own?

Latitude Talent Studios is a great resource for models and actors looking to become a Model or Actor in New York. Latitude is able to streamline the process for talent of all experience levels to become a success in the entertainment community.

Become a Latitude Talent and learn more by applying online at

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