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When is the best time to get started as a model?

Many people think that after you cross 25 years old, becoming a model is not realistic. While that may be true for big modeling agencies that only work with a specific type look, models come in all shapes, sizes and ages. That’s a fact!
In 2020, most advertising is done with commercial models which represent a look of the masses.
To get started as a model, you have very few options out there. Most aspiring models think that getting photographs and submitting to modeling agencies is their best bet. This is wrong. Agencies only work with a specific look at an exact time.
Also, most commercial agencies want you to have experience if they sign you. Why on earth would a modeling agent take 20% for a model who has never booked a job or casting in their life? To become a model,  you have to actually have first hand experience on set. Whether that be a student film, or a local runway show, agencies like experience.
The best time to get started as a model is when you are committed and actually serious. Many people dream of modeling, very few are actually committed to achieving success!
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Post Covid: Is now the time to get started?

The world has seemingly been paused for the Covid-19 Pandemic for 2020. At Latitude, we are so lucky communication and castings are now digital, as talent have had seamless access to projects throughout to submit to in the safety of their own home.

For those just starting out, is now a good time try to become a model or actor?

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The simple answer is yes, now is the perfect time to get started! While many are now moving out of big cities like New York, it makes way for new talent to get started.

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