Latitude Talent Studios NY

Becoming a Teenage Model

Are you looking to become a teen model? Do you have the “look” and confidence of a superstar but don’t know how to get started? Here are 5 simple tips to get started as teen model or actor.

1.) Build a Portfolio

Just like applying for a job you need a resume, a portfolio is essentially the same thing in the modeling world except it’s a collection of pictures to showcase your look to prospective clients. A portfolio ideally is a collection of work you have booked however, for new models who haven’t booked anything, it should showcase four looks – Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. If you are serious about becoming a model, don’t skimp of investing in good pictures and head shots. Always work with a professional photographer in the market you wish to work in. An example: if you want to become a model in New York City, you should shoot with a NYC photographer!

2.) Find Open Casting Calls

To book work as a new model you need to be where the opportunities are. Most talent agencies host weekly or monthly open calls to recruit fresh-faced models and actors. In larger markets such as New York and Los Angeles, weekly casting calls are held during the work week, normally between 10AM to 2PM or on Saturdays in the afternoon. Always attend casting calls with a comp card or head shot printed so the director is able to take with them after you leave your appointment.

3.) Get Used to Rejection

Get used to a lot of NO’s! The entertainment industry is very hard with a lot of competition! If it was easy, everyone would be a model! For every 10 auditions you go to expect, if you are lucky, to get maybe one yes! Rejection is hard to overcome at first, but remember that in time with proper practice and guidance, you can be on your way to success.

4.) Be Realistic

Always maintain realistic expectations. There are simply no guarantees in the entertainment business, anyone that promises you jobs or auditions is not being honest with you! Also, becoming a model is a lot of work and while you can find success becoming a full-time model, it is best to start it out as a hobby and see where it goes.

5.) Get Help by a Professional

 Becoming a model is a lot of work but can be extremely fun! While some are able to get scouted in malls or on the train, to become successful in this business requires help from a professional. Latitude Talent Studios is a New York based talent marketing service for models and actors. We help talent of all experience levels gain access to tool and resources to connect you with talent, modeling and casting agencies worldwide.

Are you ready to take the next step to become a model? Apply now online at

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